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Helen Mason

Leadership Coach, Team Facilitator and Gender Equity Specialist
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I'm a Leadership Coach building confidence and resilience in women, empowering them to own their unique leadership brand.

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I'm a qualified coach and member of the Association for Coaching. I take a relaxed yet purposeful approach, holding space to explore and organise thoughts while supporting clients to take action.

I'll ask questions no-one else has and listen without judgement to all the things that need to be said. I help to figure out what a fulfilling career balanced with family life might look like for you. 

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Am I the right coach for you?

Are you looking for a different balance in your life, perhaps after starting a family or a major shift in your personal circumstances?

Have you had feedback that you're too self-promoting or 'spiky'?

Are you thinking that a family is something you want in the future but you're worried about how you'll manage the juggle?

Do you have a collaborative leadership style but find it isn't valued at your workplace?

Do you struggle to find your voice and take criticism to heart?

Maybe you simply have the feeling that you have more to give and you're not sure what's holding you back.

If any of these sound like you, then get in touch.   

We can meet at your workplace, chat over Zoom or you can come to my purpose built studio on the Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire border where we can even take a stroll in the nearby woods to unlock those breakthrough moments (dogs optional!).

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I spent nearly two decades working in corporate marketing roles in veterinary and animal based industries, working my way up to leading teams and ultimately became the Marketing Director for a billion pound corporate veterinary company.  

Throughout my life and career I have wrestled with people-pleasing tendencies and becoming a coach finally helped me tackle those demons. I found the courage to lead in the way I thought was right rather than imitating others around me.

Ultimately I made the leap away from the employed life and into coaching, where I can work with purpose and have impact in ways that are meaningful to me. 

In my work I'm able to blend my marketing and coaching experience. I empower my clients to work out what it is they stand for, help them value their qualities and promote what they have to offer to the world with confidence. I'll support them to become the role models the working world needs. 

I live on the Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire border with my husband, son and spaniels Stella and Milly. My happy place is walking in nature with my dogs or on horseback, and I can also often be found on my yoga mat doing my best not to fall over!

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