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Signature Training Programmes

Invest in the future leadership of your organisation 

Build confidence and resilience in your future leaders 

Supporting your people at crucial points in their career journey 

Women's Leadership Programme

Huge progress has been made in the arena of women's leadership and the benefits of having women in senior leadership positions is well documented. However, as the World Ecomomic Forum's Gender Gap Report states, Gender Equality is stalling - it will take 131 years at current pace to reach parity. There is still plenty to do. 

As a gender equity specialist I am trained in women's leadership (check out my LinkedIn page for the details). I create a psychologically safe space for women to discuss the barriers that could be holding them back, covering topics such as people pleasing, inner critic, networking, power, visibility and more.

Crucially, I will also work with your organisation on developing the cultural change required to help women thrive.  

Emerging Talent Programme

When I think back on my own career path, one of my strongest wishes is that I had had access to coaching sooner in my journey. There were so many false assumptions swirling around in my mind but I had no safe space to process those thoughts and no-one to challenge my assumptions. 

Traditionally coaching has been reserved for the C-suite and those in senior leadership positions. In modern, less hierarchical organisations it's better recognised that coaching can improve performance at all levels, which in turn contributes to a better retention strategy and getting key employees up to speed faster so they can contribute sooner. 

I love working with people who are taking their first steps into a leadership role and I offer a combination of group work and individual coaching to help your emerging talent find their leadership identity and use it to deliver on your organisation's purpose.

Tailored to your needs

I can provide anything from an afternoon workshop to a full programme over several months, as well as one-to-one coaching.  Get in touch to discuss more what you are hoping to improve and how I can help.